Social CRM: check what your followers have to say, care about them and save your social reputation.

Collaborative CRM: keep in touch with prospects, customers and partners to accelerate  your business.

SSD WebCasting: connect and communicate with employees partners and clients at any time and wherever they are.


 Engage Social CRM - Accelerate Customer Insight


 1. Real Time Social Caring
   - Customer service
   - Lead management

2. Social Intelligence
   - Competitive intelligence
   - Campaign management
   - Influencers management
   - Brand Reputation

3. Social Data Integration Inside the Firewall
   - Import data inside the firewall
   - Social Intelligence Server
   - Social Logins

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 Collaborative CRM


Collaborative CRM


COLLABORATION engine for internal social with conversations (also on mobile app) and integrated notification system 

MESSAGING, e-mail and Calendar integrated in the main CRM processes 

MARKETING campaigns, leads, newsletters 

SALES management with quotes, sales orders and invoicing (also with customizable pdf output) 

POST-SALES management with ticketing, SLA monitoring, customer portal 


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 SSD WebCasting Online Communication


Corporate communication online allows you to quickly engage a very broad target audience.

The possibility  for the user to comfortably connect via web from PC or mobile devices drastically reduces the costs and times compared to the classical solutions of video conferencing.

SSD Webcasting solution helps customers more effectively deliver events via web in live or deferred, such as:

 - Marketing presentations
- Sales training
- Remote teams techincal presentations       
- Online conferencing